Our Experts

Here at GHPI, we work with the best and brightest the medical technology research and development community has to offer. Our Fellows represent the cutting-edge of academic knowledge and its results-based application in a diversity of fields critical to the preservation of quality healthspans in global populations. At our core, the foundational strength and visionary clarity of our Fellows represents the driving force behind all of our policy development initiatives both here in D.C. – and around the world.

Look here to learn the high criteria we use in selecting our Fellows, the benefits we offer our luminaries, and how you can become involved.


Judith Campisi, Ph.D. Buck Institute for Research on Aging  
Nir Barzilai, MD Albert Einstein College of Medicine  
Jay Olshansky, Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago  
David Sinclair, Ph.D. Harvard Medical School  
George Martin, Ph.D. Member, National Academy of Medicine  
Gordon Lithgow, Ph.D. Buck Institute for Research on Aging  
Gil Atzmon, Ph.D Albert Einstein College of Medicine  
Kyung-Jin Min, Ph.D Inha University  
Aftab Ahmad, Ph.D National Academy of Young Scientists  
Georg Fuellen, Ph.D IBIMA Director  
Antonei Csoka, Ph.D Howard University  
Caleb Finch, PhD University of Southern California  
Heinrich Jasper, PhD Buck Institute for Research on Aging  
Ilia Stambler Fellow, Policy Director Shmuel Harofe Geriatric Medical Center Beer Yaakov   Israel
Abbe de Vallejo, Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh  
Greg Neimeyer, PhD University of Florida  
Zhaxybay Zhumadilov Nazarbayev University Astana   Kazakhstan
Amit D. Jadhav Thane, Maharashtra   India
León F. Ferder, MD., Ph.D. University of Puerto Rico  
Kristen Fortney, Ph.D. Stanford University San Francisco, California   U.S.A.
Nadiya Kazachkova, Ph.D Universty of Azores  
João Pedro de Magalhães, Ph.D University of Liverpool  
Steven N. Austad, PhD University of Alabama  
Valter D. Longo, PhD USC Longevity Institute  
Brian Kennedy, Ph.D. University of Southern California  
Veronica Galvan, Ph.D. The Barshop Institute for Longevity Studies  
Irina M. Conboy, PhD UC Berkeley  
Thomas A. Pyszczynski, Ph.D. UC Colorado Springs  
Kevin Perrott Buck Institute for Research on Aging  

Advisory Board

Susan A. Ehrlich, J.D., LL.M. U.S. Department of Energy  
Gary Marchant, Ph.D., J.D. Arizona State University  
Paul A. Spiegel, J.D. International Longevity Alliance  
John D. Furber Legendary Pharmaceuticals  
Christine L. Peterson Foresight Institute  
Richard W. Barker, Ph.D Oxford Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation  


Beverlye Hyman Fead Legislative Ambassador - American Cancer Society  


Our dedicated staff serves as the vital connecting rod between the creative brilliance of our coalition and the power and influence of national and global press and policy leaders. Together, we are an unstoppable force for innovation and progress against the underlying causes of disease that threaten the health and well-being of all persons.

Edwina Rogers CEO  
Jenny Saad Chief Operating Officer  
Ilia Stambler Fellow, Policy Director Shmuel Harofe Geriatric Medical Center Beer Yaakov   Israel
Hedi Benkirane Business Development Advisor  
Steven Umbrello Policy Coordinator - Americas  
Loredana Terec-Vlad Policy Coordinator - Asia/Australia  
Keith Comito Outreach Coordinator  
Daniel B Carver Jr. External Affairs Director  
Alexa McKnight Policy Intern  


Edwina Rogers CEO  
Joseph Antoun Chair  
Kevin Perrott Buck Institute for Research on Aging  
David Gobel Methuselah Foundation