» GHPI and Our Goals Regarding the ICD-11 and Aging as a Disease

We at Global Healthspan Policy Institute (GHPI) are committed to changing the way the healthcare industry views aging-related diseases and mortality. If we can fight age-related diseases such as: cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease, we will significantly reduce the financial burdens of medical care placed on individuals. There is a tremendous area of untapped potential in this area. The medical community should view aging-related diseases with the respect of any other emerging area of research. There is a promising amount of research and data that shows the advancement of preventing cell degeneration in its early stages, and the potential for developing new and more effective treatments. We have formed an international coalition of interested organizations who intend to focus specific attention on the topic of how we view aging and age-related diseases.

Our common goal is to have age-related diseases recognized and classified by the medical community. GHPI would like to revise and amend the ICD-11 to add aging-related diseases as it’s own specific category. Our international coalition is determined to develop a universal set of biomarkers that can be applied and used in the diagnosis of aging-related diseases. The inclusion of these diseases into the ICD-11 will inevitably lead to increased research and development, clinical trials, greater public knowledge, and eventually the possibility to slow or even stop the process of cell degeneration.

The GHPI believes that an increase in life expectancy and the overall quality of an increased lifespan will greatly benefit individuals and society as a whole. One benefit to a longer and healthier life is an individual’s ability to have a longer and more productive future. A longer lifespan will increase productivity by expanding the workforce and our economy. Additionally, in slowing cell degeneration we will likely be able to cut medical costs considerably in the long term. The primary goal of GHPI is to help insure people live a better, longer, and more fulfilling life.

The primary aim of GHPI is to clearly identify the root causes of aging-related diseases. Once these diseases have been identified and codified our goal is to amend the ICD-11 to include a series of these disease classifications. After these diseases have been identified and included in the ICD-11 the medical community, insurance companies,  pharmaceutical companies, and our society, will begin to further the research and development of this emerging medical sector.