Engaging the Policy-Makers

Provided here is a collection of policy briefings developed by our Fellows and delivered by our team on a weekly basis to policy-makers around the world on the core implications of aging-related disease and new healthspan innovations.

Recognizing the Degenerative Aging Process as a Treatable Medical Condition

This brief describes the economic costs associated with aging-related disease, and the clear pathways for economic growth that could be created through the recognition of the underlying processes of aging-related disease as treatable medical conditions.

The Degenerative Aging Process and Its Impact on the Social Environment

In this brief, our Fellows uncover the shocking projections of rising healthcare costs for seniors that threaten the stability of our nation’s economy, and identify clear opportunities for combating these deficits through preventive treatment of aging-related disease.

Mississippi, Aging-Related Disease, Diabetes, and the Game-Changing Metformin Study

Recently, researchers have initiated the testing of the first drug, Metformin, to treat the underlying causes of aging-related disease. Metformin is the drug of choice for treating diabetes in the healthiest parts of the U.S. and around the world – and not the preferred choice in the South. In this brief, you’ll learn the immense impact that Metformin can have in Southern states on diabetes morbidity and mortality right now – and the lasting, preventive effects it can have on billions of lives the world over for generations to come.

Higher Susceptibility of Aging-Related Disease for Military, Veterans’ Populations

Learn here why active, non-active, and retired military populations are at an increased risk for developing aging-related disease, and the severe implications this has on increased Veteran’s Administration health-related spending – resulting in nearly 80% higher per-patient healthcare costs as compared to private providers and Medicare.

A Sampling of Current and Promising Aging Research

In a diverse community awash in “snake oil” practices, what institutions and researchers can be trusted to provide the most effective and innovative treatments for restoring function in the human healthspan? In this policy report, our Fellows provide a brief overview of some of the most well-respected – and revolutionary – research that’s happening right now, and may well be cutting a clear path through the medical technology development pipeline straight to your local pharmacy!