» Fellow Benefits

At GHPI, we have two core processes we engage when working with our Fellows:

1. In collaboration with decision makers in government, GHPI delivers thought leaders and scientists to provide policymakers with access to quality Healthspan expertise, and;

2. Working to secure all Healthspan-focused organizations into a global, international network to share information and resources in pursuit of a more healthy aged population.

We offer the following benefits to all of our Fellows:

  • The opportunity to work directly with Congress and members of the international public policy community.
  • Having your research presented in monthly Congressional and Executive Branch briefings as it relates to key policy issues. Quarterly briefings are delivered at key locations around the world.
  • Hosting in-person Congressional briefings where you can serve as the scholar on a contemporary topic of your choosing and international briefings as requested.
  • Inclusion in our annual Healthspan Policy Guide with articles by leaders on topics of special expertise.  This resource is designed to reflect specific policy recommendations for public policy leaders, their staff, and other selective decision makers within world governments.
  • Inclusion in the Global Healthspan Futures Forum and International Healthspan Leader’s Conference (modeled after the World Economic Forum in Davos.)
  • Consistent appearances in articles about Fellows in our weekly newsletter with original articles on state, national, and international priority topics and news updates on coalition member activities.
  • Frequent promotion in daily news clips about the work of GHPI leadership and Fellows.
  • Creation and distribution of press releases fashioned on activities of Fellows and member groups.
  • Access to and visibility within a coalition of leading scholars, scientists and thinkers around the world.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, inquire with our staff today.