GHPI’s Advocate Gives TEDx Talk In NYC – Beverlye Hyman Fead In Her Own Words

November  09, 2016

So this is how the TEDx played out. I arrived on the 25th and went directly to my friend Janet’s apartment (where I was staying). The next day I had…

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Fellow Valter Longo Launches a Fasting-Mimicking Diet

October  07, 2016

GHPI congratulates Fellow Valter Longo, Ph.D. on the launch of his unique diet Prolon.  Here, Dr. Longo is pictured during a recent trip to New York City.  He is joined by CEO…

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Advisory Board Member Richard Barker Presents at Basel Life Science Week

September  30, 2016

The Basel Life Science Week conference is an international event that brings together researchers, investors, and policy makers from industry, academia, and not-for-profit institutions.  Each year, representatives from more than 45…

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The New Age of Aging

Interventions to Slow Aging in Humans: Are We Ready?

April  30, 2016

The workshop entitled ‘Interventions to Slow Aging in Humans: Are We Ready?’ was held in Erice, Italy, on October 8–13, 2013, to bring together leading experts in the biology and…

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GHPI Goes International This Week

April  28, 2016

Hello, Exciting days are in store for the healthspan community. A billion dollars has been committed to new projects to support the field, representing a significant move forward for our…

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GHPI and Our Goals Regarding the ICD-11 and Aging as a Disease

April  27, 2016

We at Global Healthspan Policy Institute (GHPI) are committed to changing the way the healthcare industry views aging-related diseases and mortality. If we can fight age-related diseases such as: cancer,…

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The Best Practices in Cancer Treatment: What You Need To Know

April  21, 2016

Hello, What if new treatments for cancer and other aging-related diseases were not just right around the corner, but already here? This week, we present some new information about how…

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Ongoing Progress In The International Healthspan Community

April  14, 2016

Hello, Welcome to another exciting week in the healthspan community! This week, we have cause to celebrate. Several causes, in fact! Perhaps most importantly, the Older Americans Act was recently…

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The TAME/Metformin Study

January  23, 2016

The GHPI Fellows behind the TAME/Metformin study, the subject of the new Ron Howard documentary “The Age of Aging”, have initiated the first clinical trials to test a single drug…

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