Ongoing Progress In The International Healthspan Community


Welcome to another exciting week in the healthspan community! This week, we have cause to celebrate. Several causes, in fact! Perhaps most importantly, the Older Americans Act was recently reauthorized through the United States Congress, in advance of sound infrastructure for aging Americans everywhere. Meanwhile, our friends over at the Alliance for Aging Research celebrated 30 years of hard work and steadfast commitment here in Washington, D.C. Finally, new research opportunities have been announced from the National Institutes of Health to the Department of Defense. Be sure and read more below to see how you can tap into these incredible resources. We are looking forward to another exciting week, and are grateful to have you along with us for the ride!

Edwina Rogers,

CEO Global Healthspan Policy Institute

GHPI Debuts The World’s Largest Calendar of Healthspan Events

This week, we present the world’s largest calendar of events related to the human healthspan and the treatment of the underlying causes of aging-related disease. Have a look at our register below to learn more about events coming up near you! Our List Of Global Events

judith-campisi2SPI Fellow: Dr. Judith Campisi

Dr. Judith Campisi of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging has received international recognition for her contributions to understanding why age is the largest single risk factor for developing a panoply of diseases, ranging from neurodegeneration to cancer. Her highly acclaimed research integrates the genetic, environmental and evolutionary forces that result in aging and age-related diseases, and identifies pathways that can be modified to mitigate basic aging processes. See Her Video Interview Here

A Quote On The Reauthorization of the Older Americans Act

From Kathy Greenlee, Undersecretary of Aging and Director of the Administration for Community Living:

“On behalf of older adults and those of us hoping to grow old, I am extremely grateful that the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act (OAA) has been successfully passed by both the House and Senate. Older adults consistently express their personal desire to age in their homes and communities, surrounded by the people, places and activities that give their lives meaning. For more than 50 years, the OAA has provided support to make that dream a reality; from home delivered meals and exercise classes to legal services and case management. In every setting and through every advancing year, OAA services support health, dignity and independence.”

Four New Facts About Inherited Genes

The Top Medical Breakthroughs

What do our friends over at AARP, the world’s largest organization in support of aging Americans, have to say about the hottest medical research breakthroughs on the market today? Learn more in this exciting post below!

The Top Ten

Inheritance: Not As Simple As You Might Think

A variety of different factors influence how we inherit genes. While Mendel may have spent eight pain-staking years charting the genetic differences of one particular pea strain, new developments in the last century have realized new discoveries in the field. 

Four New Facts About Inherited Genes

We’re Bringing the Best Research in the World to Congress – and Your Donations Are The Fuel To Our Fire!

With your help, we’re bringing the vision of a world without the spectre of diseases like cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s one step closer to reality each and every day. Our team works closely with industry leaders from sectors as far-reaching as biotechnology to gene therapy to pharmaceuticals and beyond – uniting our members under a common, core mission to benefit the public trust.

Help us bring new preventions and therapeutics for the benefit of all generations, today

All Call For Volunteers For Healthier, More Productive Years of Life!

What if the US Congress took the lead funding healthspan research? Or by removing barriers to treatments to new therapeutics that can prevent diseases like cancer? For the first time governments seem to be listening — and you can help! GHPI needs volunteers to engage with the public and ally nonprofit groups around the world. Contact to join the tiger team today.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 9.30.10 AMNew Funding Opportunities Through NIH

The NIH Common Fund announces funding opportunities for the FY 2017 NIH Director’s Pioneer Awards, NIH Director’s New Innovators Awards, and NIH Director’s Transformative Research Awards. These award initiatives are part of the NIH Common Fund High-Risk High-Reward Research Program, which provides unique opportunities for exceptionally creative scientists to pursue highly innovative approaches to address major challenges in biomedical or behavioral research. Any research topic relevant to the broad mission of NIH is welcome. NIH especially encourages women and members of groups that are underrepresented in NIH-funded research to apply.

View These New Opportunities Here